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Whether it's team statistics or the most current odds for any given game, Stacy Robert's Oil City Hotline keeps you in-the-know so you can pick the winner of any match-up. Amaze your friends and start making money simply by watching your favorite sports games and picking the winning team.

Football, Team Statistics in Galveston, TX

Daily Sports Selections

We release different game odds for all types of sports, including college and professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams. For only $20.00, you receive real-time information about each team which includes statistics, injury updates, hot streaks, and cold streaks. We provide you with up-to-date odds and our picks for the game, the spread, and the over/under.

Game of the Day

Every day, we pick a game from a variety of different sports that is taking place that day. We then provide you with complete, detailed information about each team and their respective players. You receive team and player statistics, injury information, and record details. We pick the projected winners of the game, including the spread and over/under, in advance so you can place your bet on the winning team.

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